Château Montus & Château Bouscassé

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If the incomparable terroirs of Montus and La Tyre allow the optimal maturation of the Tannat, it is still necessary to know how to bring this potential to the highest level through vinification and maturation. Alain Brumont, born in Bouscassé, knows this terroir by heart, but his vision and his sense of perfection have led him not only to question the interpretation of the terroir by his peers, but also to push his own limits ever further. This has given rise to an uncompromising, perfectionist, visionary vision, an interpretation and a demand that is disturbing and has not only won him friends. He pays exemplary attention to his 250 hectares of vines, enabling him to create timeless cuvées with great ageing potential. The wines are monumental, with obvious power and energy but completely tamed and under control, which is a real tour de force. Montus and Bouscassé are without doubt the pinnacle of South-Western viticulture today. The commercialisation policy imposes a few years of ageing, allowing the acquisition of wines that are ready to be consumed and that fully testify to the qualitative potential of the estate and of the region. Although Alain, now in his seventies, has no thoughts of retirement, he has not forgotten to train the younger generation, including Antoine Veiry, his son-in-law, who shows a determination and curiosity very similar to his own.



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