Famille Hugel

Domaine. The Hugels have always worked as a family. Today the new generation is gradually making its mark. This is particularly true of Marc-André and Jean-Frédéric, with Marc still keeping a close eye on the work in the cellar. But new ideas are coming in, including labelling the grands crus instead of the old Grossie Laüe labels, and even ideas for crémant! Even the old institutions are adapting to the times. B+D


Pinot noir Grossi Laüe 2014, alsace (red)
Riesling classic 2022, alsace (white)
Riesling Grossi Laüe 2014, alsace (white)
Gewurztraminer Estate 2020, alsace (white)
Gewurztraminer vendange tardive 2014, alsace (white)

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