Genius of Change: Mouton Cadet


There are no great wine regions without an accessible expression of the best of their wines.  For having forgotten this principle, Bordeaux has drifted away from the hearts and palates of many wine lovers.  Mouton Cadet, born of the creative genius of Philippe de Rothschild nearly nine decades ago, had seen its style gradually fade as it became a commercial success. The Rothschild family realised this and undertook a profound overhaul of the brand, based firstly on extremely precise traceability of supplies: 250 producers, monitored by a team of in-house oenologists, devote all or part of their vineyards to the composition of the Mouton Cadet ranges. All of them are now committed to the HVE environmental approach and some are certified organic (or in the process of being so). In the end, the style of Mouton Cadet Réserve has regained its liveliness, freshness and fruitiness, and the organic cuvée, reserved for the French market for the moment, is seductive in its energy.


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