My 5 glories of the beautiful country


So, no rosés in our taster’s memories? As a counterpoint to our dossier, he reminds us that the region is a land of fine reds and great whites. Supporting evidence

It’s always a difficult and unfair task, after tasting more than forty vintages, to choose the most memorable wines from a quality vineyard. The chance encounters of life undoubtedly give a few bottles more importance than their own quality might deserve, or rather overshadow the pleasure produced by many others that are just as remarkable. But this choice also reveals the taster’s personal vision and style preferences. You’ll be surprised not to find a wine from the Vaucluse in this selection. This is the real historic centre of Provence, but traditionally it is associated with the Rhône. And the Var, though on the borders of the region, claims the name and the public has followed suit. In reading order, three reds, two whites.

CHÂTEAU PRADEAUX 1975 BANDOL This wine has fooled many experienced tasters in blind tastings, starting with me. The first time I tasted it, I mistook it for a great Médoc, as did all those to whom I subsequently shared the same Château vintage.



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