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Covid has passed, the week of the Primeurs has returned. And with it, an array of opinions, comments and rather disparate ratings. Here are a few thoughts aimed at putting the matter back in order.

The “En Primeur” tasting of Bordeaux wines has taken place. I would like to remind you that it is for different categories of professionals, brokers, buyers, sommeliers, specialised journalists and, since recently, amateurs, prescribers or influencers, to taste wines that were born six or seven months ago, blended less than three months ago on the Left Bank and, even, mostly blended for the occasion on the Right Bank. With the duty of transmitting to the public an evaluation of the vintage’s global quality and of the individual quality of hundreds of wines, since they will be offered for sale in the following weeks. A judgement very often summarised by a rating on a scale of one hundred, but in reality much narrower, since most wines must score 90 or more to be successful, and only ratings above 90 will be relayed on social media and contribute to the influence of their prescription. This type of tasting requires a minimum of competency

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