Boris Champy from above


Champenois and oenologist, Boris Champy spent ten years in Napa before coming to Louis Latour in Beaune. In 2020, he took over one of the pioneers of organic and biodynamic wine in Burgundy, Domaine Didier Montchovet in the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. His experience allows him to look at organic with hindsight and convictions.

You have defined this new project as the ultimate. Do you think you have reached the end of your journey?

I am from Champagne, the son of a winegrower. I did internships in Burgundy, Beaujolais, and Bordeaux with the desire to see other approaches to viticulture. I worked at Moueix. As they say in Bordeaux, I went to HEC, that is to say, I studied in Correze (in reference to the origins of the Moueix family, editor’s note). I remember great tastings with Jean-Claude Berrouet (at the time the winemaker of Petrus, editor’s note) on the different terroirs of Pomerol, for example. When I was asked to go to California for Dominus,

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