Stéphane Tissot, Jura, the franc-comtoise locomotive.


Stéphane Tissot is an agitator of terroirs, undoubtedly the locomotive of the Jura vineyard. Ardent defender of the region, he has been able to reveal all its richness through great wines in plot selections. Plantations in high density stakes, mass selection, aging in amphorae, prolonged maceration, sulfur-free wines are all strings that Stéphane Tissot adds to his bow. Some fifty hectares of vineyard, managed in biodynamics, form one of the most fascinating estates in the region.

Stéphane Tissot Arbois Sec 2003. Spicy on the nose with a touch of smokiness, fine in the mouth with flesh and a long finale, on a touch of morel. To drink before 2033. 16.5/20



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