Six beautiful ideas of Alsace Rieslings


In Alsace, Riesling is King. In the hands of these six great talents of the vineyards, the whole world is envious.

Domaine Agathe Bursin, Riesling Bollenberg 2019, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. Agathe Bursin signs high level cuvées. Since her arrival at the head of the small estate in Westhalten, she had continued to progress and practices a detail oriented viticulture.

THE WINE. Precise and refined aromatic, nose of iodine, salinity and mild spices. Tension and liveliness on the palate, perfectly ripe grapes. A success.

THE DETAIL. If this dry Riesling caught our attention, we must not forget their remarkable gewurztraminers and excellent sweet wines. 17/20


Cave de Ribeauvillé, Riesling Osterberg 2017, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. One should not be indignant to find the Ribeauvillé cooperative in such a small selection. It is a solid offering that has some great surprises in store with a good value for money.

THE WINE. Great nose precision and crystalline profile, straight, tense. We like this verticality and this length in the mouth. More than a simple introduction to this terroir.

THE DETAIL. The cellar has a monopoly. The 124 ares of the Zahnacker Clos, which dates back to the 8th century, in the heart of the Osterberg Grand Cru.15/20

Maison Louis Sipp, Riesling Kirchberg 2018, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. The vineyards of this estate are located around Ribeauvillé. Forty hectares, including a few plots in the Kirchberg and Osterberg grands crus, allow them to create a wide range where Riesling ranks first.

THE WINE. Precision of the nose which reveals with elegance the typicity of the vintage. Immediate fruitiness, elegance, length, race, without heaviness. Aerial final.

THE DETAIL. On the online store, a choice of vintages, a chance for those looking for fine wines ready to drink. 17/20

Domaine Marcel Deiss, Riesling Schoenenbourg 2018, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. Leader, Jean-Michel Deiss has moved the lines. He has led this area to the top. Mathieu, his son, as gifted as his father, has taken up the torch.

THE WINE. Riesling is in majority in this blend where we also find the complanted grape varieties. A nose marked by notes of quinoa, extraordinary vibration, immense substance, very long. Spectacular.

THE DETAIL. Complantation is an Alsatian story. You have to consult the domain’s website to know everything about it. 19/20

Domaine Weinbach, Cuvée Sainte-Catherine, Riesling Schlossberg 2018, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. One of those who make Alsace famous worldwide. This biodynamic vineyard offers a substantial range which expresses the complexity of the region.

THE WINE. Grand nose, great sap and perfect typicity, it is long and complex. The noble aromas of a great wine in the making.

THE DETAIL. Théo, Colette, Laurence, some cuvées bear the names of family members. 18/20

Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Riesling Brand 2018, Alsace Grand Cru

THE DOMAINE. Olivier Humbrecht embodies an absolute ideal of the great Alsatian white wine. Thanks to careful biodynamics, he delivers moving scores on the greatest terroirs of the region, such as Rangen or, here, Brand.

THE WINE. Spicy, long and generous on the palate, great complexity worthy of the grape variety and this terroir. A huge success.

THE DETAIL. The estate’s wines are certified Biodyvin, whose specifications are one of the most rigorous among those of biodynamic agriculture. 18/20


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