The success of Adrien Pélissié, Julien Bengué and oenologist Julien Brustis, the young creators of the Winerie Parisienne, has already been highlighted. While continuing this adventure, the three companions have taken an ambitious step by creating their own wine estate in the Versailles plain sector. Twenty-six hectares on the Davron plateau are home to a wide collection of grape varieties capable of adapting well to the climatic conditions of the Paris region. Chardonnay and Chenin for the white wines, Merlot and soon Cabernet Franc for the reds are characterised by their tonicity, their aromatic brilliance and above all their refreshing balance: less alcohol, more substance. Far from being simply a marketing stunt, this recent creation – first vintage produced in 2019, second successful attempt in 2020 – marks the great revival of one of the oldest vineyards in France and, in fact, that of northern viticulture. In these times of global warming, the idea should gain ground.


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