Gérard Bertrand, also Mediterranean sea-side guide


Endless beaches, secret coves, turquoise waters, among all its treasures, the Mediterranean also unfolds, from Nice to Collioure, passing through Provence and Languedoc, vineyards with a thousand year old feel. They descend in restanques or gentle slopes to the edge of the sea, nourished by the burning sun and the sea breeze. Wherever you look, you can only be amazed.

Let Gérard Bertrand guide you on the sea-side. Facing the Mediterranean, which spreads its blue colour from Gruissan to Narbonne-Plage, La Clape is his home port. The heart of a group that he has built up with the passion of a local child and the tenacity of a former rugby player, revealing the best terroirs of his region, but also all the pleasures of its art of living. And although he travels around the world to promote them, he never feels as well as he does in the region he calls, like the Romans before him, his mare nostrum.

You claim to be ambassador of the Mediterranean art de vivre. How did this ambition come about?

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